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First American - Hurst offers business owners the all-important ability to accept credit cards as payment for their product or services. First American - Hurst also has, Pin Based Debit, Internet processing, Check Guarantee, including the new paperless check systems, And we are the ones to come to when you need immediate CASH for any reason.  All of our systems have been carefully selected to insure outstanding service and reliability to our merchants. First American - Hurst is registered with several processors, which allows First American - Hurst to match the business type and marketing method with the proper program. This insures the lowest costs and most effective method of operation.

First American - Hurst is not a new upstart in Merchant Services. We have experience and longevity in the business, over 20 years. Coupled with outstanding customer service to assist our merchants in all aspects of the credit card arena. Over the years we have been extremely careful in selecting programs, equipment and processors to insure that our reputation as a leader with outstanding service is maintained.

First American Hurst has extremely completive rates. However, there is much more to consider than whether you swipe the card or take the information over the phone, internet or by fax or mail. First American - Hurst explores with you, your total marketing strategies, product and services, who your potential customers will be, along with any other items, and then recommends what would be best for you. As always, you as the business owner will make the final decision on how you would like to process. But, you will know what your options are rather than being surprised by the unknown after you have committed or thinking that you got the, "lowest rate", only to find out that your method of marketing would never qualify you for these, "lowest rates."

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First American - Hurst is not a new upstart in the merchant services arena. Originally formed in 1989 we have over 20 years of experience in the credit card and merchant services area. The owners have a combined total of over 35 years in the credit card field, which encompasses everything from card issuing, processing and merchant systems.

First American - Hurst has, over the years, created a physical presence, (branch offices) that services the full states of Texas and Oklahoma, and Colorado with plans to develop contiguous states in the very near future. We have expanded and added products and services very carefully. We are now able to offer our merchants a full line of services and processing systems that we know have the reliability and ease of operating we require.

First American - Hurst wants you to know and feel confident that you will be working with a company that has the knowledge, experience and longevity in the merchant services industry to assist you when a problem occurs. All too often the merchant is left out in the cold when problems occur. Over 70% of our representatives have more that five years with First American - Hurst. This type of longevity is almost unheard of In the merchant services industry. Our success and longevity can be directly associated with honesty, integrity, customer service, and matching the proper method of processing to the merchants services and marketing strategies. We do not believe that, "one method fits all," as many of our competitors appear to promote.


If this describes you then you deserve to work with the best.

First American - Hurst offers lifetime residuals, guaranteed leasing , quicker application approvals, tried and true processing systems and a full line of merchant services products all backed by 24 - 7 support.

Here's why you should consider First American - Hurst.

Experience: Owners have over 35 years in credit card issuing and processing Knowledge with 20 year in direct sales - we know what we're talking about! Income: Lifetime residuals guaranteed leasing, highest commission in the industry, rebates on many product lines. Products: Multiple credit card programs, check collection, check guarantee, paperless check guarantee systems,  virtual processing, customer loyalty/gift cards, cash advance and voyager fleet card processing. Agent Bank programs. Support: Technical and merchant support is available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week on multiple processing platforms.

If you would like more information on joining our successful team, please fill out this form, or call us at (800)889-3822 and we will be happy to assist you.

Our industry is constantly growing and although your income is almost unlimited, this is not a, "get rich quick," opportunity. Only individuals that are motivated and understand what, "Honesty & Integrity", means should consider this opportunity.


When you work with First American - Hurst, you are assured that we will do everything in our power to assure you will receive the proper processing method. This could mean either software, terminal or ecommerce or a combination depending on your needs. We do not believe that, "one system fits all", as many of our competitors appear to promote. There is much to consider when you decide to accept credit cards, check cards, debit cards and other optional methods of payments, items like who is your potential customer, method of marketing, type of product or service and of course cost. At First American - Hurst we have the products and expertise to guide you through this very important decision making process. Our rates, (starting at 1.30%), are extremely competitive, however rates are only part of the equation. No one wants to pay more than they have to, whether it is for a product of service, however, every astute business owner knows that price is directly related to quality and service. First American - Hurst has the ability to approve virtually every type of business whether it is home based, mobile, store front or internet to major hotel chains. If you are currently accepting credit cards simply fax us a copy of your latest merchant statement. Our fax number is: (817) 993-1293 

We will review the statement and give you an honest appraisal of your options. For more information about accept credit cards or other products we offer please call us at (800) 889-3822 or simply fill out this online form and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

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